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Development updates: Third & Grand, Gordie Howe Bridge, and more

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We have just a few updates on construction, rumors, and making way for the new bridge. Here we go!

Third and Grand, the six-story, 231 unit apartment building (seen above) we talked about in February, started construction last week in New Center. Peter Cummings’ group The Platform is leading this build, which should be completed in 2018. It’s near the Henry Ford Hospital, the Fisher Building, and a few blocks up from the M-1 Rail. The $52 million project will also include a parking structure and retail space.

We’ve seen lots of talk around the Gordie Howe Bridge lately. The Free Press reported that RFPs could go out soon. They were supposed to go out last year, but, "The delay in issuing the RFP has been attributed mainly to uncertainties over land acquisition on the Detroit side of the border, where the Michigan Department of Transportation has been working to assemble hundreds of parcels in southwest Detroit's Delray district to make way for the bridge."

Also according to the Free Press, earlier this week, the State of Michigan filed against the property owner for the First Latin American Baptist Church. MDOT offered $411,000 to buy the church, but the church says it needs $2 million to move. According to the Free Press, ""MDOT is working with the church to provide ample time for relocation prior to the state taking possession of the property," said MDOT spokesman Jeff Cranson in an e-mail. "MDOT will continue discussions with the church on acquisition issues in hopes of reaching agreement."

So don’t expect too much to happen with the bridge anytime soon.

We’ve also seen a few reports lately on the possibility of adding stories on top of the First Independence Bank Building on Michigan downtown. The building was originally eight stories, and according to MLive, "Basco CEO Roger Basmajian said the firm is doing a structural study of the 21,500-square-foot building to see if adding more floors is an option." It would make sense for the two-story building, seeing as it had additional stories in the past and it’s a prime location downtown right by Campus Martius and Capitol Park.

As always, if you hear anything, send us a tip on the tip line!