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Spectacular Boston Edison home undergoes rehab, asks $489K

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858 West Boston Boulevard Redfin

There was some chatter about this house a few years ago when it was on and off the market for a while, switching hands until it found the right owner to rehab it. It most recently sold for $150,000 a year and a half ago. We wish we had some before pictures (if you know someone, send them our way), but the end result is pretty impressive. It’s now back on the market for $489,000.

At nearly 4,500 square feet and what looks to be move-in ready, that seems to be a fair price. It has five bedrooms, a pretty spacious kitchen, and what looks to be a legit ballroom.

858 West Boston Boulevard

The floors have been refinished throughout the house and there are gorgeous french doors connecting the living spaces downstairs. The main staircase is just stunning.

858 West Boston Boulevard
858 West Boston Boulevard

The living room has a tiled fireplace and beautiful windows with dark wood trim. This is truly a grand home, and it sits on a big lot on Boston Boulevard between Third and Hamilton.