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QLINE expands hours, will run past 10pm on weekends

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Courtesty of M-1 Rail

One big criticism of the QLINE (or M-1 rail) so far has been its early closing time, as early as 10pm on the weekends. Seeing as that’s not very practical in a city setting, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that the M-1 rail will run until 11pm Monday-Thursday, and until Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

To accommodate the later closing, the QLINE will start later on Saturday mornings - now at 8am. Sundays will see restricted hours, closing at 8pm.

Weekdays, the QLINE will start at 6am.

Curbed received notice of a petition started earlier this week to extend the hours of the QLINE operations.

The later closing hours will surely help out for game nights and entertainment events, seeing as it will run by Comerica Park, the Fox Theater, the new arena, and many more popular destinations.