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Sold! How did these Detroit houses fare on the market?

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Time to revisit our old friends

A few more homes that garnered many comments from readers have now sold to new owners, so we’re checking in to see how they did. Were their prices too high? Too low? And can we come visit?

Do you have a house you’re keeping your eye on? Let us know in the comments or on the tip line.

This Boston Edison home was recently renovated and asking for $179,900. The kitchen was cute, but kind of awkward with little storage. Our readers wondered if all the mechanicals had been taken care of along with the cosmetics. We don’t see many houses that seem move-in ready for under $200K in Boston Edison, and this one sold for $189,900.

Just outside of Boston Edison (seriously, the balcony has a great view), is this possible bed and breakfast on Glynn Court. It had two finished, separate floors and potential to finish more of the house. It had high end finishes in the remodel and a pretty open feel to it. It listed for $269,900 and recently sold for $201,100. It will not be turned into a breakfast, but the new owner plans on living there and renting out the second space.

This Indian Village nine bedroom, 6,300-square-foot home had quite a steep price jump this go around. It had that old charm and an impressive solarium. It sold for $275K five years ago and listed this year for $650,000. The sale price? $617,500.

This condo in a dreamy Brush Park mansion was gorgeous inside and out. The comments, for the most part, agreed and many admired the effort it takes to restore these homes. A few comments doubted that it would get anywhere near its $460K asking price. It sold fairly quickly for $471,500.