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How does the cost of parking in Detroit compare to other cities?

We’re so average!

Michelle & Chris Gerard

For some people, the right parking space is never available in Detroit and if it is, it costs too damn much. Many like to complain about the lack of parking, while others will argue that there is plenty of parking downtown, between lots, structures, and street parking. Is it always signed fairly? That's for another post. How does the cost actually compare to other cities?

City Observatory attempted this comparison. Since there haven’t been many ways to compare in the past, they used the site ParkMe, which can gather and report the data on the cost of parking in lots and structures around cities.

For comparison, they chose to look at monthly parking near city hall in each city. They took the nearest five lots near city hall and averaged them for a monthly price.

Detroit came in at a pretty reasonable $145. New York topped the list at $732 per month, with Boston at $458. The whole chart and analysis can be found here.

Detroit’s rates are similar to those found in Minneapolis, Austin, Indianapolis, and Grand Rapids.

So yes, sometimes parking can be hard to find here, but we’re paying a fair rate.

Where do you park in the city and what do you think is a fair price to pay?