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Ann Arbor will get new LED streetlights

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The City Council designated $200,000 for the installation of the new lights

Ann Arbor is planning on lighting up some of the city’s darker areas with brand new LED lights. MLive reported that the City Council had to lift a moratorium last year and designate $200,000 worth of funding for the project to install the lights.

For new streetlights, the locations with the highest priority include:

  • Nixon Road, immediately south of Dhu Varren Road (nine new lights)
  • Dhu Varren Road, between Pontiac Trail and Nixon Road, at unlit crosswalks (eight new lights)
  • Washtenaw Avenue and Platt Road, crosswalk/intersection (three new lights)
  • Division Street, half block north of Kingsley (one new light)
  • East University Avenue, immediately south of Hill Street (two new lights)

Fuller Road and Geddes Avenue are also on the list of areas for new LED lights, but they’re lower in priority.

In order to prioritize which locations deserve new streetlights the most, the city’s staff looked at factors like crash histories, proximity to transit stops, and whether current lighting meets city standards, as reported by MLive.

The new streetlights are expected to begin installation during the spring of 2017.