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A tiny home built by Michigan State University students is up for auction

“Sparty’s Cabin” is up for grabs with hand-crafted countertops, shelves, and a sliding door

Photo via Michigan State University

This little residence, known as "Sparty’s Cabin," was constructed by students in the Michigan State University (MSU) Shadows Program, and now it’s on the auction market for anyone looking to downsize.

MLive reported that the tiny home comes with traditional hook ups for sewer, water, and electricity as well as hand-crafted wood countertops, shelves, and a sliding door. The structure totals 177 square feet with enough room for three people.

If interested in having your own "Sparty’s Cabin," the minimum bid is $35,000. The auction ends on November 19. To make your bid, go to the Michigan State University Surplus Store website here.

All proceeds from the auction will benefit the School of Planning, Design, and Construction at Michigan State University.