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Finish this Jefferson Chalmers rehab, yours for $132K

After receiving a National Treasure designation earlier this year, we’re curious to see its impact on the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood in the next few years. The neighborhood includes many Art Deco buildings along Jefferson and a variety of single-family houses, many that need a bit of work.

We’ve seen a few houses for sale for below $50K in the neighborhood. One on Philip Street is located near Scripps, which means it could be a good choice for someone with a boat (it’s near the canals) and it’s asking for $42,000. This house on Chalmers also needs a complete rehab and is asking for $32,000.

But this house on Ashland is going all out and listing for $132,000. The systems work has been done — it has new plumbing, electrical, insulation, furnace and AC according to the listing. It also has a fenced in backyard. What do you need to add? Basically, it needs the finishes — walls, ceilings, kitchen, bathrooms, refinished floors. It has three bedrooms, two baths, and 1,500 square feet.