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Here’s what the old Tiger Stadium looks like now

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RIP preservation

Michelle & Chris Gerard

October can be a cruel month for Detroit baseball fans, and this year is no different as two Midwestern teams (who don’t have a tiger for their mascot) play in the World Series. It’s even harder for those who love the nostalgia of the game and see what’s happening to Navin Field. We get both sides. The field sat for years while planners and the city decided what to do with it. The Navin Field Grounds Crew voluntarily kept the field in shape, and kids, visitors, and community members used the field for vintage baseball games and other activities. We're hoping the community can use it in some way in the future, although it's hard to see it now.

Michelle & Chris Gerard

The last time we officially checked in with the site, PAL had just broken ground on the Willie Horton Field of Dreams. Work has ramped up considerably in the last month or so, as PAL’s goal is to have their HQ and field done next spring.

We knew the site that will become a youth baseball field would be redone in artificial turf, which is difficult considering Carl Levin earmarked $3.8 million for the preservation of the field back in 2009. Corktown residents have voiced concern over the use of the field, and how much will be available to the youth. According to the Detroit Free Press, Detroit PAL CEO Tim Richey has said that the field will be used for at least 51% youth recreation.

Also coming to the site? New residential in the form of townhouses and apartments, which should break ground sometime next spring.

Tiger Stadium

2121 Trumbull St, Detroit, MI 48216