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What can $110K buy you in Detroit?

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4 homes, 4 neighborhoods

Today, we’re going around the city to bring you that perfect house at a reasonable price. Can you still find a good house in the city, even move-in ready, for around $110,000? Absolutely, and here are the houses to prove it.

We’re quite charmed with this little house on the east side. Located on Moon Street, this would be a great starter home. It has two bedrooms, one and a half baths, and comes in at 900 square feet. There’s also room to have an outdoor gathering. It’s listing for $79,500, and we love a good picture of a dog (see below).

This East English Village tudor has three bedrooms, one and a half baths (one of the bathrooms has a skylight), a formal dining room, and a yard. It also has new windows, roof, and plumbing. The price? Just a little under our budget at $105,000.

This Martin Park three bedroom home is also move-in ready and has a fenced-in yard on a corner lot. It has a little balcony off the second floor and a patio below. It’s listing for $75,000.

Or maybe you’re looking for a smaller place closer to downtown. This one bedroom, one bathroom condo is close to Belle Isle, has river views, a $548 HOA fee, and is listing for $65,000.