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Renovated home just outside Boston Edison asks $209K

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Is that asking too much?

Housing prices are all over the place in Detroit right now, and this one made us do a double take. It’s located on La Salle Boulevard, just a few blocks down from Boston Edison. It’s 3,500 square feet, and at $60 per square foot, it’s listing for $209,000.

We checked some other recent sales in the area to see how it compares to others, and this house on Atkinson, while much smaller, sold for $105,000, or $73 per square foot. This house a little further down La Salle, also remodeled, sold this summer for $129,000, or $40 per square foot.

This house is a nice renovation, and totally move in ready. It has five bedrooms, two baths, a finished, open third floor, and an unfinished (but not scary) basement. It also has updated electrical and plumbing, new windows, a high efficiency furnace, and security system. Take a look and tell us what you think of this price.