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5 things we’ll miss about Parker Street Market

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It’s a sad day in West Village

Michelle & Chris Gerard

We’ve just learned that Parker Street Market, our favorite little local grocery store in West Village, is shutting its doors. Started by David Kirby in 2014 with little money, it expanded into a neighborhood staple as West Village grew into a more walkable neighborhood. Now, with bigger opportunities, Kirby is closing the store many of us grew to love. See Eater Detroit for the full details. But for now, here are the five things we’ll miss most about Parker Street Market.

  1. The staff was so damn friendly! Really, they were. We’ll miss stopping to chat and seeing neighbors and friends in the store.
  2. Drought juice. Definitely not an everyday purchase, but Drought has all the veggies we’re supposed to eat in it and it was always stocked at Parker Street (it helped that David is part of the Drought family).
  3. They carried lots of salads and sandwiches that you could grab in a hurry. And snacks. And so many local, Michigan-made foods. And snacks (that’s important)
  4. Beer and wine delivery (#1 reason some days)
  5. They were great neighborhood allies and neighbors. They knew everyone, supported the other businesses in the area, and helped organize block parties.

The good news? There’s a really great storefront for lease in West Village now, right across from Sister Pie. Anyone interested in renting out the space can email