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Poll: Should the Pistons move downtown?

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Deeee-Troit Basketball!!!

Michelle & Chris Gerard

In sportsball news, Friday afternoon, Bill Shea and Kirk Pinho from Crain’s Detroit reported that sources were for real talking about moving the Detroit Pistons into Detroit. Or at least, they’re talking about building a practice facility near the new Little Caesars (Gordie Howe, Red Wings, Hockeytown) Arena.

According to the article, "Both sides have acknowledged that they're in at least preliminary talks to figure out how the Pistons could relocate from the Palace of Auburn Hills, their suburban Oakland County home since 1988."

This would be a huge move for the team, seeing as the Palace is a good 45 minutes away from Downtown. We can see the good and the bad for both sides. Will fans who are used to going to see the team in the suburbs be willing to drive into the city? (certainly, plenty of fans go to Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings games). And, can downtown support another stadium? Or could the team share the Little Caesars Arena with the Red Wings? (they both play during the winter, but other cities share arenas). And aren’t we getting a soccer stadium or team possibly?

What do you think, Curbed readers? Could this be another boost for the city? Or should we slow down a bit?