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Cozy condo at the Fisher Kahn asks $155K

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Live next door to the Fisher Building

Fisher Kahn
The Fisher Kahn Condos/Apartments

In the shadow of the Fisher Building in New Center stands the Fisher Kahn building. While mainly used as apartments in the past, they’ve gone condo and are offering up some options for those looking to live right in the middle of the city. This one listed today is a one bedroom, one bath 800-square-foot condo with a balcony and it’s listing for $154,900.

We visited the 100-year-old building a couple months ago, and love the way the unis are designed around the courtyard, with balconies that are fairly private, but you’re still able to say hi to your neighbors. The condos have options for converting to a two-bedroom, although you’d lose your dining room. Also included: central air and heat. All around, it’s a great old building in a good location, and the QLINE will be stopping just a few blocks away next year. HOA fees are $180 per month, and gated parking can be purchased for extra ($8,500!). Here’s a look inside.