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What happens to the Palace when the Pistons move downtown?

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Demolished? Silverdome 2.0?

On Friday, Pistons owner Tom Gores told media that the details are being worked out on the Pistons move back to downtown Detroit. According to Bill Shea at Crain’s, Gores said the Pistons would move from Auburn Hills to downtown as soon as next season, making this current basketball season the last one at the Palace of Auburn Hills.

So what happens to the Palace?

It’s a pretty great venue for concerts and sports, but somewhat of an island. A move downtown means fans can park, go to local restaurants, and spend some time around the new Little Caesars Arena. The Palace is surrounded by parking lots and fairly far away from anything else, certainly not walking distance.

Many are saying that it could be demolished in favor of more commercial development. According to Crain’s, the city manager of Auburn Hills has said,

"We have estimated that depending upon what might get built at that location, and the potential is great, that the tax revenue generated could realistically be at least three times that of the revenue currently produced from the properties," Auburn Hills City Manager Thomas Tanghe told Crain's via email."

We learned recently that Oakland County said no to buying the Palace earlier this summer, citing they didn’t want another Silverdome situation. Makes sense. Nobody wants to see that.

What do you think, Curbed readers? What should happen with the Palace?

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