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House-hunting with $500K in Detroit right now

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In the recent past, we’ve shown readers comparisons of houses for sale in Detroit for under $150,000. There’s quite a bit of housing stock to choose from all over the city in that range. Today, we decided to aim a little higher, dream big, and give readers an idea of what kind of property $500,000 can buy you in Detroit right now.

New to the market is this nearly 3,000-square-foot home in Indian Village. The listing really sets the scene for living in this house, saying "Imagine yourself on vacation in a gorgeously appointed home. You step into the master bath, and feel the water cascading over you in the pristine bathroom with elegant marble floors, with white subway tile surrounding you. Imagine being in your comfy robe and slippers, lounging in the huge master suite, or wandering blissfully through all three levels of restored wood floors-gazing out to the windows at the bucolic scenery." Damn. Sold! Unfortunately, they don’t include any interior pics, but we can imagine how incredible it is to live here. It’s listing for $499,000.

A few weeks ago, we featured this rehabbed Boston Edison home with a legit finished ballroom. It had some nice woodwork and some original charm, but our readers weren’t entirely impressed with the renovation. At 4,500 square feet, it’s listing for $489,000.

This loft on Woodward is really quite nice. It’s located right in between Whole Foods and the new arena. The building is located right along the M-1 rail. Inside is gorgeous, with one of the biggest showers we’ve seen in a while (or maybe it's just the picture). It’s 1,100 square feet and listing for $430,000 with $135/month in HOA fees.

And this ground-floor loft at Willy’s in Midtown has great style, lots of storage, and an open layout. Readers agreed, and this two-bedroom condo, coming in at just under 1,500 square feet, is listing at $449,000 with $240/month in HOA fees.