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Book Cadillac Penthouse aims high with $1.65M ask

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Here we go!

Last week, we saw a combined two-in-one condo on the 28th floor at the Book Cadillac list for $1,160,000. Not to be outdone, the penthouse is now listed and it’s going for Motown Mansion prices. The 2,300-square-foot, three bedroom, three bath condo is asking $1,650,000, making it one of the most expensive single-family listings on the market in Detroit right now (a Sand Bar Lane McMansion holds the title at $2.5M).

The listing itself is in ALL CAPS and only tells us about the views of the river, the pool available, and the fitness center. We’re impressed with the views of Book Tower, too. The penthouse has an open layout with so many earth tones. A Murphy bed is in one of the bedrooms (hey, we like functionality!). The bathrooms all have fancy finishes. HOA fees are $1,398 per month, but as a reader pointed out on our last post, doesn’t really matter if you’re spending that much on your home.

The Residences At The Westin Book Cadillac

1135 Shelby, Detroit, Michigan 48226