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North Corktown apartment building with adjacent lot lists for $625K

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Cymbre Apartments


Every building has a story, and we came across some interesting history on the the Cymbre Apartments in North Corktown, now up for sale. Detroit and Corktown history enthusiast Paul Szewczyk shared with us some of the unique backstory of this 1918 building.

It was designed by the group Butterfield & Butterfield, an architecture firm run by Wells D. Butterfield and his daughter Emily, who was the first female licensed architect in Michigan. She was also the founder and first president of the Detroit Business Woman's Club. Butterfield & Butterfield also designed Highland Park High School and the Methodist Episcopal Church in Farmington (Wells Butterfield became the first mayor of Farmington).

The first owner of the building was Albert S. Pratt, and the building itself was named after his mother, Cymbre Anne (Fox) Pratt. More history on these individuals and the building can be found here.


As for the building now, it currently has seven finished apartments in the front, and the apartments in the rear are ready for renovation. This sale is also including the adjacent vacant lot. It’s located just off of Trumbull, near Grand River. Those interested can contact Carole Baker at Lambrecht Realty at 313.736.4444 ext. 710.

1533 Ash Street

1533 Ash St, Detroit, MI 48208, USA