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What did these Detroit houses snag at sale?

Hello old friends!

Welcome back to another roundup of sold houses throughout the city. We’re taking a look at a few of the houses that got a lot of attention from our readers. How did they fare on the market? They did all right, actually.

The first one was at 848 Chicago Boulevard, between Third and the Lodge. This impressive house was only listed for $225,000, which seemed like a bargain considering the condition it was in. It was absolutely move-in ready, with a newer kitchen, a library with built-in shelving, and a big garage. It was only listed for $62 per square foot, which was low for comps. The strategy worked and the new owners still got a good deal. It recently sold for $251,000.

Not everyone was a fan of this University District flip. It had fairly interesting curb appeal on the outside, but readers weren’t wowed with the Home Depot kitchen and bathrooms (or the carpeting). But still, it’s move-in ready in a great neighborhood, and that sells. It listed earlier this summer for $299,999 and just sold for $283,900.

We’ll likely see a lot more move-in ready housing available in the Fitzgerald neighborhood in the next couple years, as more resources are put into making it a 20-minute neighborhood. We saw this house earlier this summer and thought it was pretty adorable. It was completely renovated and move-in ready. It listed for $75,900 and sold for exactly that much.

We love a great Victorian in Corktown. This sweet house has a lot of charm and is close to everything in Corktown. It’s also in really great condition. It listed for $300,000 in July and just sold for $272,500.

Are you keeping an eye on a certain house? Let us know in the comments and we’ll keep you updated!