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Detroit Flower Week is coming

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October 11-15

From Flower House, October 2015
Michelle & Chris Gerard

About a year ago, Detroit was home to Flower House, a temporary installation by Lisa Waud that garnered worldwide attention. This year, Waud is gathering florists and artists from around the region and world for the first-ever Detroit Flower Week, which will take place October 11-15.

Detroit Flower Week will provide everyone from flower enthusiasts to flower farmers with valuable and innovative information that will be presented by leaders in the flower industry from around the world.

Presenters at Detroit Flower Week will include floral designers such as British botanical artist Joseph Massie, sculptor turned designer Emily Thompson, European floral designer Francoise Weeks, Waud, and New York designers Ariella Chezar, and Lewis Miller. Attendees will learn tricks of the trade from these design luminaries.

There will also be hands on workshops with artists, such as Detroit muralist Louise "Ouizi" Chen, who has created floral murals all over the city.

All the things

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Programming will be based out of the Jam Handy building. Saturday’s events will take place at the Detroit Public Library on Woodward, including a five-course dinner called Floral Renaissance: A Revived Interest in the Classics. The dinner will be prepared by local chefs and tickets are $175.

Tickets are available to Detroit Flower Week per day or $550 for the week. A day pass gives guests admission to daily lectures and the opportunity to attend workshops for an additional fee. More information on tickets and scheduling can be found here.

The Jam Handy

2900 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI 48202, USA