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The DIA’s new installation is breathtaking

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Thalassa will be in the Great Hall until March 19

If you visit the Detroit Institute of Arts anytime soon, you’re sure to notice the 20-foot tall, 400 pound installation in the Woodward entrance.

Her name is Thalassa and she was created by New York street artist Caledonia "Callie" Curry, who goes by Swoon. The installation occurred over the course of a couple weeks in September. Thalassa was inspired by a mythological sea goddess and originally was installed in New Orleans in 2011.

The installation coincides with a mural being created in Jefferson-Chalmers. From the DIA’s site,

"Thalassa's face looks upward and her bodice is adorned with imagery of sea creatures, as well as colorful swatches of fabric. The sculpture is made from large linocut prints, hand-colored and mounted on thin plywood for structural support. The underside of the figure is embellished with numerous paper and Mylar hand and laser-cut decorations, and the tentacles are made from rope hung with a variety of paper, cloth and plastic materials."

Here is a look at some of the installation process captured by the DIA and Swoon.

Check out Swoon hard at work assembling Thalassa’s tentacles. The installation is almost complete!

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Swoon also has an installation at the Library Street Collective starting October 8 and running through November 26.

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