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Latest Mies townhouse in Lafayette Park hits the market for $349K

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1332 Joliet Michelle & Chris Gerard

We recently posted two more Mies van der Rohe co-ops that listed in the past week and thought another will likely be listed soon. Behold! If our math is correct, this is the 13th Mies townhouse listed this year. And yes, many are going for their asking price, which means many Curbed readers are kicking themselves for not buying one a few years ago. The two we posted earlier had very different looks and might possibly need some updating from the new owner. They listed for $369,900 and $329,000. This one falls right in the middle pricewise at $349,000.

As far as style goes, this one has an updated black and white kitchen and really nice hardwood floors in the living room. This end unit has room for storage in the basement and its HOA fees are $686 per month. As always, questions about co-op living in the Mies townhouses can be answered at Mies Detroit.