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Development notes: Hudson’s site rumors, Lee Plaza, more

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We won't have this view in a few years
Michelle & Chris Gerard

Hopefully we’ll know soon just how big and how great the new Hudson’s site development will be. In the meantime, Kirk Pinho of Crain’s reports that one of the proposals has a 60-story building in the site. Whoa! (The Marriot at the Ren Cen is 73 stories, and the David Stott Building is 38 stories, for comparison). We know this will be one of the biggest, most important developments in the city. We still have time to daydream about it before the final proposal is chosen and submitted. What do we want to see, Curbed readers?

Poor Lee Plaza. So many people here love it, but it’s just not looking great for the old 17-story building on Grand Boulevard. We heard it was a go to redevelop back in the spring, but Crain’s is reporting that the building wasn’t purchased in time, and the Detroit Housing Commission is considering options for what to do with it. We might hear more on this soon.

Notice anything different about the Packard Plant lately? How about the Fisher Body Building? Looks like some of the graffiti has been cleaned up on parts of these buildings, the Free Press reports. The city wants the owner to clean up his part of the Packard Plant, too. According to the Free Press,

"The city’s cost for graffiti removal at the two sites was $19,000, said Jessica Parker, who manages the city’s graffiti removal program through Detroit’s General Services Department. Parker said vendor estimates were more than $100,000 for the portion of the Packard Plant that Palazuelo owns."