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This Virginia Park brick home is a gardener’s dream

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Duplex? Co-op? Single family? So many choices!

This article has an update from the owners below.

There’s a lot to like about this listing on Euclid Street, near New Center and pretty close to the Henry Ford Hospital. First, the listing says it’s quite the versatile property — originally a duplex, it’s been opened up, but could easily accommodate a family, co-op, or it could be turned into an income property or bed & breakfast. And the pictures show off the lush garden that the current owner has tended. Hey, this is a good sized property!

The house has been featured in stories about urban gardening before, and the property has also been used as an airbnb. So why the move? The owners, Alysssa and Matt, tell Curbed that their artistic endeavors, specifically glass blowing, have changed and their current space doesn't accommodate it. Alyssa says,

"Given our initial intent to stay rooted here for the very long term, this was an extremely difficult decision to come to, but we are excited to pursue this significant - if initially unanticipated - shift in our personal artistic careers. Our fundamental hope for the future of the homestead is, of course, that its next residents value the space and land as the special place that it is, and remain its active stewards, as we have been fortunate to be during our time here."

Inside, the house has six bedrooms and two baths in 2,560+ square feet. Each of the floors has a nice, open layout and big rooms. The listing says that systems have been updated in the past few years, including plumbing and electrical, plus newer windows and roof. The attic could be finished, as could the basement, but both offer storage. It’s listing for $244,000. Check it out and tell us what you think.