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Sold! Updates from Boston Edison, Woodbridge, and more

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1675 Longfellow
This Boston Edison home sold for above its asking price.
Michelle and Chris Gerard

As per your request, Curbed readers, we’re checking in on a few more houses that have sold around Detroit in the past couple of weeks. How did your favorite house fare on the market?

As always, if there’s a house or neighborhood you’re keeping your eye on, let us know in the comments or on the tip line.

First we’ll go out to this Boston Edison home that we featured in August. We loved the restoration of the details in this home and our readers agreed (don’t see that everyday). If only renovations could all be this beautiful! It listed for $339,000 and recently closed for $305,000.

We also loved this 109-year-old house in Woodbridge. It was well maintained, with beautiful wood floors, a big fireplace, and a big backyard. It did have kind of a strange layout for a kitchen, but the house itself was just oozing with old house charm. It listed for $269,000 and just sold for $255,000.

We’ve seen a few condos in Art Center listed this past summer, and this one caught our attention. It had two bedrooms and some pretty decent views. Our readers didn’t like the doors, and offered advice on them too. So helpful! It listed for $225,000 and just sold for $223,450.

And back to Boston Edison where we noticed this cute house that was on the small side for the neighborhood. It sparked a conversation among our readers about the neighborhood itself and how it really could use some retail and restaurants close by. But still, the house is cute, maintained, and totally move-in ready. It listed for $174,900 and sold for $180,000.