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New Center home undergoes massive renovation, asks $450K

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830 Virginia Park

A new listing in New Center is going for a price we're more likely to see in Boston Edison. It's gone through a huge renovation and it’s listing for $450,000.

The stretch of Virginia Park from Woodward to the Lodge has changed considerably over the past few years. The homes are huge, and while many have residents that have lived there for years, many houses that were run down have undergone substantial renovations. There’s a solid mix of single-family and rental homes on this street, as well as a very active neighborhood association.

As for this house, it has lovely hardwood floors, an updated kitchen that flows into the dining room, and an open third floor.We’ll have an updated picture of the fireplace soon. A friend who lives/works on that block told us that in addition to the cosmetic renovations mentioned in the listing, the house also has a new roof and updated mechanical systems. And the location? It’s a few blocks from the Fisher Building, three blocks from Woodward, and close to the Lodge.