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This Cold War-era home has canal frontage and a bomb shelter

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When considering vintage details that might appeal to a homeowner, a bomb shelter usually isn’t the first on the list. But these are turbulent political times, friends, and a new listing in Jefferson Chalmers has just that, plus waterfront access and a harrowing backstory.

On October 24, 1958, a British Vulcan XA908 bomber experienced a complete system failure and crashed into a section of Ashland Street, killing all six of the British Airmen on board. More on the history of this tragic crash can be found here.

This house at 175 Ashland was one of the three homes lost in the crash. It was rebuilt in the Cold War-aesthetic and yes, includes a bomb shelter. The house has been owned by the same owner for over 30 years. It’s listing now for $175,000. Seems like a lot for a modest single-family home in this area? The canal frontage is pretty extensive, with its own boat house - fishing boat included. It also has littoral rights, meaning you own 50% of the canal within the property boundaries and sailboat access.