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Urban Land Institute Forum to highlight placemaking in and around Detroit

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

If you’ve wanted to attend a fireside chat with Dan Gilbert, here’s your chance.

The 30th Annual UofM Urban Land Institute Real Estate Forum & Workshop takes place November 17-19. Two big panels are planned in Detroit on the 17th and Dan Gilbert will have a fireside chat on November 18 in Ann Arbor. Curbed talked to Peter Allen, the ULI Forum Chair, about Detroit and what to expect at the forum.

Allen said that a lot of the forum discussions and workshops will be focused around the idea of placemaking - where you live, work, and play or gather. He says no place in the country offers these kinds of experiences like Detroit in terms of the housing stock available, the changing dynamics in office space, and the unique artistic opportunities of the city. He’s taught urban planners and architects for years, and Detroit, especially in the last five years, has become a place many of them want to move and start their careers.

What can attendees expect? The morning of November 17 will have two major panels in Detroit. The first will have a panel of young developers who will discuss renovating in the neighborhoods and how transit impacts mixed-use developments. This panel will include Philip Kafka, president of Prince Media, Dang Duong, principal & co-founder at Pivot Real Estate Services, Amelia Zamir, co-founder & principal at Method Development, and David Alade, co-founder and managing partner at Century Partners.

The second panel will have Peter Cummings, co-founder of The Platform, Sue Mosey, executive director of Midtown Detroit Inc., Richard Broder, CEO of Broder & Sachse Real Estate Services, and Matt Cullen, principal at Rock Ventures LLC. This panel will talk about major developments happening in the city and future opportunities.

Friday afternoon, Dan Gilbert and Todd Sachse, SACHSE Construction CEO, will hold a fireside chat at the Michigan Ross School of Business in Ann Arbor.

More information on the forum can be found here.

UM/ULI Real Estate Forum

The Max M. Fisher Music Center

3711 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 (313) 576-5100 Visit Website