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New single-family homes approved for construction in North Corktown

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Christian Hurttienne Architects announced a new project today in North Corktown, involving new construction of single-family homes. This project has something we don’t see a lot in Detroit real estate - traditional financing for the construction of these houses.

Each of the houses will be valued at about $200,000 and will be built on lots on Ash Street and Sycamore Street. The lots were approved to be purchased by the homeowners from the Detroit Land Bank Authority and will be the first homes for both families.

Construction will begin in Spring 2017.

North Corktown has many older single-family homes, duplexes, apartment buildings, and quite a few empty lots. CHA is hoping to add more density to the neighborhood and have plans to build on more lots. They’re looking for more homeowners at this time.

“We work with the homeowners to come up with a design that suits their needs, cost the house, and then help them find traditional bank financing. The Detroit Lank Bank Authority then reviews the request to purchase the lot from their inventory. North Corktown is a transitional neighborhood that is perfect for this kind of development,” said Brian Hurttienne, principal, Christian Hurttienne Architects. “Our goal is to find a small group of homeowners who want to build at the same time so we can be efficient with our building process.”

“We support this project and greatly appreciate the fact that the concept was brought to our group’s attention for comment prior to initiation,” said Paul Emery, president, North Corktown Neighborhood Association. “Our group would like to work with developers to balance new development with preserving of some of the green and open spaces, which make the neighborhood such a desirable place to live.”

Here’s an idea of what more of the houses could look like.