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Corktown’s CPA Building could face wrecking ball soon

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A demo permit was pulled this week

Note: An update to this story can be found here.

Detroit is full of great old buildings prime for redevelopment. Many Curbed readers have thought the CPA Building, which has been abandoned for years, could be one of those buildings. It sits across Michigan Avenue from Michigan Central Station. Slow’s BBQ and Mercury Bar are across 14th.

We’ve just learned that demo permits were pulled by the building owners this week and demo prep has started.

Update: Preservation Detroit is asking residents to call council members to voice your concern. From their Facebook page:

“Corktown's economic success over the past 10 years has had everything to do with the reuse of Corktown's existing buildings. This is a neighborhood where you can buy a $500,000 condo, rent a $10,000 / month flat, and eat at some of the best restaurants in the city. Quite frankly, there is no reason for this building to be vacant, let alone demolished.

The CPA Building is not in a local historic district, but you can still contact your Councilmember and members of the Planning & Economic Development Committee and tell them you want to save the CPA. Do it today. “ and...

“Contact info for members of the P&ED Committee:

Councilmember Scott Benson: (313) 224-1198,

Councilmember Mary Sheffield: (313) 224-4505,

Councilmember Gabe Leland: (313) 224-2151,”

Update: There’s been a lot of talk in the Corktown community about this. There’s also many going to the City Council meeting Thursday at 10 to voice their concerns.

Crain’s has also updated their article, saying there’s more interest in the building.

Hmmm. Will they go through demo? Seems to have sparked some interest in others who could develop it.

The building was for sale over 10 years, then bought by Sequoia Property Partners, a real estate investment firm based in NYC, in 2014. The last we heard anything about the building was Summer 2015, when city inspectors found the building dangerous but it seemed as if the owners wanted to keep it.

This story is still developing, as Crain’s is reporting that some might be interested in saving it. We’re reaching out to the Corktown community, and we’ll keep you updated. As always, we appreciate a good tip on the tip line.

CPA Building

2238 Michigan Ave. , Detroit, MI