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Fail Jail site is structurally sound, according to assessment

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This thing’s getting built, probably

Michelle & Chris Gerard

Wayne County released their assessment of the fail jail site today and hey, we’re good to go, y’all! Here are the exciting highlights:

“The findings revealed no structural damage to the steel, concrete and masonry work already completed onsite. The inspection also revealed no issues of cracking or leaking joints with the installed sanitary and storm sewer lines.”

They did find some cosmetic issues that come with exposure to the elements, but said these issues were normal. And...

“This condition assessment was the first such testing performed by the County on the site since the project was halted in June 2013. Under the previous administration, an estimated $151 million was spent in construction, acquisition and design of the jail with much of the work at the site completed underground.”

But what about soccer? Well, unless Dan Gilbert swoops in soon, it looks like he and Tom Gores will have to find another site for the big stadium that they proposed at the fail jail site. The county will issue a Request for Proposals sometime in January and after they do that, it’s go time for the jail, for real.

“There’s been no shortage of speculation about this project, but we’re continuing to move forward with the Gratiot site,” Evans said. “Once we issue the RFP, we’re not looking back. It’ll be full speed ahead on the Gratiot site.”

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