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CPA Building seeks interim historic designation to avoid demolition

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Contact your city council member!

Corktown residents and Detroit preservationists went to the Detroit Planning & Economic Development Committee Thursday morning to speak up on the impending demolition of the CPA Building in Corktown. The owners had pulled a demo permit this week, which sparked outrage over the potential razing of a structure that could be redeveloped.

Per Preservation Detroit’s Facebook page:

“Resolution for interim historic designation of CPA Bldng moves to full City Council for consideration,not approved in committee. One of few "flatiron" buildings left in city, same architect as city hall. Thank you P & ED members Gabe Leland, Scott Benson, Mary Sheffield, Brenda Jones for listening to neighboring residents, business owners, and community orgs who spoke for importance of adaptive reuse in rebuilding our neighborhoods.”


“Thank you to Raquel Castaneda-Lopez, City Councilwoman of Detroit District 6, Maurice Cox, and Detroit Planning Department for promoting interim designation, which would allow time for adaptive reuse planning process to proceed.”

Those who want to help save this building are urged to contact their city council members. Information on who your council member is and how to contact them can be found here.

An interesting discussion that could come from all this:

We’ll keep you updated.

CPA Building

2238 Michigan Ave. , Detroit, MI