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Motown Museum expansion includes new theater from Ford

And Stevie Wonder is getting his own street

A couple months ago, we shared that the Motown Museum was undergoing a $50 million expansion. We now have a few more details on that big project.

Ford and UAW-Ford are lead donors in the project, pitching in $6 million to help create a new theater at the site.

The Ford Motor Company Theater, a state-of-the-art performance space, is part of the gift, along with educational, music and other programming as part of community outreach. Also part of this gift is something called CARaoke Experience, which we’re guessing means you can sing along to Motown songs in a Ford vehicle.

Also in Motown Museum news, Friday at 5 is the unveiling of Stevie Wonder Avenue at the corner of West Milwaukee & Woodward Avenue. Isn’t that lovely?

Motown Museum

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