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Development heavyweights weigh in on the future of Detroit

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

At this week’s Urban Land Institute forum in Detroit, a panel of some of the biggest names in Detroit development talked about their predictions for the future of Detroit. Curbed was there and here’s what we took away from the panel.

Peter Cummings, co-founder of The Platform (whose work is mainly in New Center, Brightmoor, Live6, and Islandview right now) thinks the quality of new developments will increase due to more competition. He thinks that the Tech Center area will flourish with the QLINE starting soon.

Richard Broder, CEO of Broder & Sachse Real Estate Services, said that he sees residential growth in the city and more mixed income opportunities in the neighborhoods. He thinks the QLINE will be a big success, and that Detroit will fare better in the next recession.

Matt Cullen, principal at Rock Ventures LLC, made a bold statement, saying that the Pistons will be downtown soon, Major League Soccer will be in Detroit, and that a new stadium will be built at the jail site (the county says they’re moving forward with the jail). He also said the Riverfront would be open from bridge to bridge and that the QLINE will be a catalyst for more economic development and transit is key for the area.

Sue Mosey from Midtown Detroit Inc consulted a magic 8 ball for her predictions, but two stuck out. She said that New Center would become the next Midtown, and that it could be possible that we could see a 20-story building at Woodward and Warren.