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An unfinished Book Cadillac condo just sold for $1.2M

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When finished, this will be spectacular

A condo at the Book Cadillac that was on the market for four years just sold for $1,200,000. The three-level, nearly 4,500-square-foot unfinished penthouse is the most expensive condo sold in Detroit, according to Jerome Huez of the Loft Warehouse, who searched MLS records dating back at least a couple decades.

The condo is unique in that it’s a stand alone tower atop the Book Cadillac. Huez said they worked with the new owner for two years, and she wants to turn it into, "The most stunning condo in the city."

Yes, the condo is unfinished, and not many people have the vision that she had, said Huez. But they’ve worked with designers and architects to pick the right finishes and design so it’s right for her and her family. Her goal is to have it done in about six months and to make it beautiful enough to feature on the cover of a magazine.

What’s the next step? The systems are all done, but some doors and walls need to be moved and then all the finishes can be completed. She’s not a public figure, but she is local and we’ll be checking back with her when her vision becomes a reality.

Here’s an idea of what she walked through. Could you have the vision for this kind of space? The windows are pretty incredible.

And yes, the Book Cadillac has finished condos for sale for over $1,000,000 right now.

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The Residences At The Westin Book Cadillac

1135 Shelby, Detroit, Michigan 48226