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Under Armour will open in Detroit

Michelle & Chris Gerard

A little competition is a good thing! Bedrock announced this weekend that Under Armour will open a store at 1201 Woodward in the Spring, just a few doors down from the Nike store that opened earlier this year. This is the block across from the Hudson’s site, which we’ll hopefully have more solid plans for soon.

The store will open in the building where there are Fathead and GSTV offices on the corner of Woodward and State. According to a quote by Dan Mullen reported by Crain’s, the store will take up 12,000 square feet in the basement, first, and second floors.

In a statement by Bedrock and Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armour,

"Under Armour is excited to open its first Brand House in downtown Detroit in the spring of 2017 at 1201 Woodward Ave. Detroit is an ideal location for Under Armour as an icon of Americana. Just like Under Armour’s hometown of Baltimore, Detroit is currently experiencing an unprecedented wave of momentum, and we can’t wait to be part of their exciting success story.”

We’ll keep you updated as the storefronts along Woodward keep getting filled with more retail.