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Sold in Detroit: Updates from the North End, University District, Mies, and more

While the listings for great houses for sale are a little slow right now, we’re taking an opportunity to check in with some old friends to see how these houses fared on the market. Today we’re looking at some very different properties, from a Mies co-op to a Woodbridge Victorian to a University District flip to a North End home that needs some attention. Waiting to see how a certain house did? Add a comment below or send us a note on the tip line. And if you see a great house for sale, please let us know.

We’ve seen so many Mies van der Rohe townhouses for sale this year, and many are selling for around their asking price. This one had a knockout kitchen and some staging that didn’t really fit with the midcentury modern aesthetic many hope to see in here. It listed for $425,000 in early September, which is on the higher end for the townhouses this year. It just sold for $410,000.

We’ve also seen quite a few flips in the University District this year. This one listed as "reinvigorated" (interesting word choice) and had some fairly nice finishes in the kitchen and baths, although some readers weren’t crazy about the overall look. At just over 3,000 square feet, it listed for $309,900 and just sold for exactly that price.

This beautiful Victorian in Woodbridge had an interesting amenity - a shared yard with the neighbors. But the house also had fantastic woodwork, a big front porch, and lots of built-in storage. It listed for $325,000 at the end of August and just sold for $330,000. [Photos by Andy Schwartz]

And we can’t forget about this farmhouse in the North End that needed a whole lot of work. A lot had been started in here, and many could see the potential. It’s also located near the Michigan Urban Farming Initiative. It seemed to be banking on the proximity of the QLINE for its asking price, which was $100,000. It sold last month for $75,000.