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Michigan's most expensive house slashes price in half, is now $19.5M

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Granot Loma is now the 2nd most expensive house for sale in the state

Last fall, we brought you the listing of Granot Loma, the self-described "largest log cabin in the world." And yes, this is one big cabin and property. Located on the shores of Lake Superior, Granot Loma is 26,000 square feet, with 26 bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It’s a lodge, really, unless you have a really big family.

It listed last fall for $40 million, making it the most expensive house in Michigan. But not anymore. The owners have now put it up for sale themselves, and they’re only asking for $19.5 million now. Do we have any takers yet?

But what else do you get for that price? Privacy, really. It comes with its own island, farm, one mile of Lake Superior lakefront, and 415 acres. If you really wanted to get away from it all, and you really like animal-themed decor, Granot Loma is for you. More about the history here.

Now the sole contender for most expensive in Michigan belongs to another lakefront property. This old friend in Saugatuck is still up for sale for $40 million, with no price cuts yet.