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Garden level loft in Brush Park seeks $255K

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Oh how times have changed

Remember when living in the basement was a cheap way to save? And remember when it was super cheap to find a place in Brush Park? Well, the Comeback City is coming back with a big price for a “Garden Level” loft. This 900-square-foot condo in the Carola Loft building is listing for $254,900 (or $283/square foot) . HOA fees are $292 a month.

The loft itself has exposed brick, an odd green/yellow for the kitchen cabinets, and some natural light coming in. We do like the shower in here, and the floors have radiant heating. The location is key for this one, though. It’s very close to the QLINE and the new stadiums. There’s a good view of the Ren Center down the street. Construction around Brush Park should be increasing early next year, though, with the big Bedrock development being built. Here’s a look at a garden level loft at the Carola.