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Recently renovated home on Atkinson asks $170K

We’ve seen a few listings just outside of the Boston Edison district lately, toward the west end of the neighborhood. It’s good news for the area, and those we’ve chatted with around the neighborhood are happy to see more houses renovated and occupied.

This house on Atkinson is 1,700 square feet, with potential to renovate the third floor. The house also has hardwood floors, a new roof, and some of the systems have been updated. It has some charming features - we like the floors in the bathroom and the leaded glass windows. It’s right around the corner from these houses we’ve seen recently, and very close to Boston Edison. It’s listing for $169,900, or $100 a square foot. It could be a good call for someone who doesn’t want a huge house, but could take on some projects in the future. Have a look and tell us what you think.