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Development Notes: Metropolitan Building, QLINE, and more

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The future Element Hotel (the Metropolitan Building)
The Roxbury Group

It’s been a busy few weeks for some major projects in town (Pistons, Brush Park, and some retail news), but we’re keeping track of some of the smaller stories you might want to know about. And if you hear anything, please feel free to drop us a note on the tip line!

Metropolitan Building gets loan

One of the more anticipated renovations downtown is the Metropolitan Building, which has been vacant for decades and was facing possible demolition. The Roxbury Group, who also renovated/restored the David Whitney Building, is renovating the Metropolitan into the Element Hotel. The Detroit Free Press is reporting that “the project received a $6.5-million Michigan Community Revitalization Program performance-based loan from the Michigan Economic Development Corp. The developers plan a part of a total capital investment of $34 million and the creation of 30 permanent full-time jobs.” The hotel is expected to open in July 2018.

Wurlitzer moves along

As long as we’re mentioning the Metropolitan, we should also mention that work continues on the Wurlitzer Buiding around the corner, which is being renovated by ASH NYC. We’ve asked about updates recently, and since they say they don’t have any, we’re keeping an eye on their Instagram for sneak peeks into the building.

QLINE track is ready

The final piece of the QLINE M-1 rail has been installed. M-1 Rail CEO Matt Cullen says, “We’re entering a new phase of the project that will see Woodward Ave. reopened to traffic and QLINE cars soon making their first appearance on the track for training and testing.” Cullen and other Detroit development heavyweights recently discussed the QLINE and how big of an impact it should have on the city.

We’re looking forward to seeing the streetcar on Woodward. Send us your pics when you see it!

Dan Gilbert talks

Kirk Pinho of Crain’s recently snagged a rare interview with Dan Gilbert, who discussed (among other things) the need for more office space in Detroit. He says his company needs quite a bit more space and that they’re running out of it downtown. He talked about the possibilities of office space on the riverfront, Corktown, and further down Woodward. Also in the interview, we get the feeling that the building on the Hudson’s site will be quite high, and that he wants to go for the fail jail site. We should know more by the end of the year.

Metropolitan Building

33 John R Street, , MI 48226