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Fix up this West Village single-family home, yours for $150K

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

We haven’t seen too many single-family homes list in West Village this year. The market for these houses it tight over there, which means the cost for a fixer upper is rising, too. The last good renovation we saw listed for $235,000 and sold quickly for $268,000 (at $104/sq. ft). This one is located on Seyburn Street, between Kercheval and St. Paul. It’s a few blocks away from local businesses, three miles outside of downtown, and about a mile from Belle Isle. It’s listing for an even $150,000 (at $72/sq. ft).

This house is just over 2,000 square feet with four bedrooms. It still has a lot of original details, like tiling in the entryway, hardwood floors, built-ins, and a grand staircase. It also has sun rooms upstairs and downstairs. The work that’s needed is extensive, including the kitchen and bathrooms. There’s also opportunity to renovate the third floor, plus extra storage in the kind-of-creepy basement. Take a look and as always, chime in with your thoughts.