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Restore this Boston Edison home to its former grandeur, yours for $200K

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Once in a while, we see a listing and it sets our home renovation daydreams into overdrive. This 3,500-square-foot Boston Edison house did just that. Flipping through the pictures, we can see clearly, as the listing says, that this needs some TLC. We also realize that the more TLC, the more money. We know. But they don’t make houses like this anymore. It’s located on Boston Boulevard on the west side of the historic district, where we’ve seen many renovated homes for sale this year. It’s listing for an even $200,000.

The kitchen, admittedly, is one of those awkward set-ups and seems quite small. We also notice some damage throughout the house. But the original details here are pretty great. How many homes have their own (Pewabic?) tile fountain?

It also has huge windows (and we know, we see dollar signs when we see windows like that) and a grand staircase. There’s a room above the three car garage that could be renovated as well. It’ll take some serious vision and cash to restore this one, but we’d love to see it happen. Thoughts?

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