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Dan Gilbert discusses Detroit going vertical; new details on City Modern revealed


Dan Gilbert, Mayor Mike Duggan, and many others gathered in Brush Park today at the site of the 54-unit apartment building for seniors, the first in the 20 different buildings that will comprise City Modern. We found out some more details on the planned development, plus some insight into Bedrock’s future plans (think vertical).

Michelle & Chris Gerard

First, here are some more details on the development itself:

  • Initial estimates had it at $70 million. According to Bedrock’s Steve Rosenthal, it’s well over $100 million now.
  • There will be 107 for-sale residences and 303 for-lease residences.
  • Ground will be broken next week on the corner of John R. and Alfred Street for the senior apartment building, which was designed by Hamilton Anderson Associates with Sachse as the general contractor. This building is receiving some tax credits, so it will have affordable housing options.
  • The senior apartment building should be done within 18 months, while the rest will be done in the next few years.
  • The next three historic homes will start renovations in the spring and should be done by the end of 2017. (Ransom Gillis was the first)
  • There will be 22,000 square feet of retail space available.
  • Nobody seems to know when the last development of this size was built in Detroit. If anyone does know, there are many interested.
The houses that will be renovated
Michelle & Chris Gerard
The area that will be developed
Michelle & Chris Gerard

Dan Gilbert talked about the project (which he first called “Modern City”) and said he was proud of the design, which incorporated work from architects from Detroit, Boston, Chicago, and LA. Bedrock’s brochure on the development calls it a “deliberate blend of historic and modern design.” He talked about the lack of residential units for people who want to move downtown, or close to downtown. (We have ideas for other places in the city, really!)

Gilbert also discussed that their phase of fixing buildings was ending, and that it was time to go vertical. They have some high profile renovations in the works (David Stott Building, Book Tower, probably the Free Press Building). And we know that they’ll be doing more new construction soon, possibly including a soccer stadium, and definitely including the Hudson’s site. The rumor is that building could be upwards of 60 stories.

Bedrock is also in the midst of constructing 28 Grand, the building of micro-apartments near Capitol Park.

And just for fun, here’s Bedrock’s video that shows the neighborhood now and some of the thoughts behind the designs.