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Who bought the Detroit Free Press building?

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Michelle & Chris Gerard

The old Detroit Free Press Building has a new owner, and speculation abounds over who it could be. Kirk Pinho of Crain’s reports that it was bought by a group called Pyramid Development Co, which he is trying to link back to Dan Gilbert. That connection is unconfirmed at this time, but he makes a solid case for it in his research.

The Detroit Free Press also reached out to Bedrock, who is not confirming anything at this time.

The good news is that Pyramid Development Co bought it from DDI Group, the Chinese investment group that in recent years has also sold bought and sold the David Stott Building and the Clark Lofts Building, both which were bought by Dan Gilbert’s companies.


DDI acquired the Free Press Building for $4.025M at auction in 2013. Here's what our photographers captured inside the building.

Whoever bought it, we’re excited for impending news of what could be done with this awesome 1925 building. Apartments? A hotel? Office space? What would you like to see done with this building in the near future, Curbed readers?

Free Press Building

321 West Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48226