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Sold! Updates from the Detroit real estate market

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Every once in a while, we try to check in on a few houses that were popular with our readers to see if they sold above, at, or below their listing price. Were we right? Were our readers right? Let’s take a look and see.

This Sherwood Forest home’s listing didn’t provide a lot of pictures, but wow, the ones it did have showed some seriously bold carpet choices. But it had some great charm, and the new owners will likely want to do some updates. It listed for $235,000 and sold for $219,000.

We loved this Green Acres house. It’s a well-maintained home with a lot of original details and lovely landscaping. We thought the price was a little high for the neighborhood at $220,000, but our readers seemed to be OK with it. We weren’t too far off, and it sold for $205,000.

Readers also absolutely loved this East English Village house. We included it in a roundup of houses under $150,000 and many couldn’t believe it was going for that little. It’s a solid single-family home with great curb appeal and unique details. It listed for $112,000 and just sold for $120,000.

And what about the lofts? We’ve seen a few on Canfield lately, and many are going for around their asking price. This one was just under 1,000 square feet and located right by the M-1 rail and everything Midtown. It listed for $269,900 and just sold for $260,000.

Are you watching for a certain house? Let us know below!