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Perfect Old Redford stone house sells for $220K

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$45K above asking

22322 Roxford St. Redfin

Once in a while we see a house and it feels like magic. When we noticed this house in Old Redford, it was almost hard to believe it was in Detroit. The house, along with the land, look like they should be on a countryside - a writer’s retreat, perhaps. It sparked something in our readers, for sure, and was one of our most popular houses of the year. Some commenters said it was the best house we’ve ever featured here on Curbed, while some both on the article page and on Facebook reminisced about growing up in that neighborhood.

Once we posted it, our Facebook community had a field day (mostly love). Some commented on a bidding war that was taking place over this house. It listed for $175,000, which would be a bargain anywhere. It just sold for $220,000. Logic points to a cash offer, since there would be few comps in the area. If the new owner sees this, we’d love to chat. But for now, let’s admire this beauty one more time.