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University District renovation with big upgrades asks $380K

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Photos by James Silver and Tim Buckley

New to the market is a big remodel and a big price. According to the sale records, this house went through quite a few hands between 2013-15, and its last sale price was $47,500. But this remodel is quite the knockout. It’s listing for $100 per square foot, which is appropriate for a great house in this neighborhood right now. Will it sell at $379,900?

The seller tells us that they really focused on energy efficiency in this remodel. They tell Curbed:

“We have all new:

1. Layouts to accommodate modern living, including a large kitchen, enlarged master bedroom with a modular walk-in closet, teenager suite on top floor and max use of space throughout

2. Plumbing above grade. Energy efficient water tank.

3. Electrical, including new service and panel. The design includes various options for adding or changing lighting. Also Cat 6 was ran throughout the house (8 spots).

4. Two independent, energy efficient forced air heating and cooling systems

We stripped the majority of the house to the beams and replaced all damaged beams studs and sub floor. Insulated the outer shell and installed new windows (50) all around. Repaired and replaced all exterior shell including brickwork, woodwork, stucco repairs and a new gutter system. This will provide a significant cost savings in the operational costs. The roof was recently done and was in good shape so we just inspected and made minor repairs where needed.”

The house also has many of its original details and its new kitchen and bathrooms are gorgeous. It also has new oak flooring throughout. It’s 3,800 square feet,with four bedrooms and two full and two half baths. Another great looking house in the neighborhood just sold for $360K, or $97 per square foot. What do you think, Curbed readers?