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Rent an updated flat in Corktown for $1,550 a month

Photos by Jim Tumey

We don’t see too many rentals in Corktown, so this one might not last long. It’s a lower level flat that’s been completely updated. It’s located on Wabash, pretty much in between Ponyride and Michigan Avenue. It’s close to both restaurants in Corktown and in Mexicantown (it’s also not too far from Honey Bee La Colmena, a personal favorite). It’s listing for $1,550 a month.

The rental has two bedrooms and one bathroom in 800 square feet. It’s kitchen is, yes, quite small, but it has nice butcher block counter tops. There’s a new furnace and A/C, a basement with laundry, and a fenced yard. And the bedrooms have those barn doors everyone likes.

Interested? This one’s through Jim Tumey at the Loft Warehouse.

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