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Buy Kid Rock’s childhood home, yours for $1.3M

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You can be a cowboy, baby

New in Detroit-area celebrity real estate news is a listing where you can imagine Kid Rock Born Free, as they say. His childhood home is up for sale, and it’s not just a house — it’s an estate.

The six acre lot known as Apple Crest Farm is located in Romeo. Just take Van Dyke the whole way for a nice drive through the ‘burbs! The Ritchie family built this house in 1972 and according to the listing, the property includes "Guest House with Sleeping Loft, Kitchenette, Lav & Storage. Barn has 2 stalls & Tack Rm, Tennis Courts & In-Ground Pool." Damn. The property is listing for $1,295,00.

The listing doesn’t include any indoor pics, but the house has four bedrooms, complete renovations, an indoor jacuzzi, an entertaining room, and a bar. It also says that a music video was filmed there, but we haven’t found anyone willing to do the research to find out which one.

You may remember a few years ago, Kid Rock bought a house in the Joseph Berry Subdivision. It’s by the Mayor’s mansion, but oddly blurry on Google maps.